Clinical Trials Unit

Clinical Trials Unit

Ballarat Oncology & Haematology Services established a clinical research program in the Grampians Region in 2001.

The Clinical Trials Team, headed by Professor Kannourakis  and Associate Professor Prashanth Prithviraj is committed to making available the most current evidence-based medical and holistic care available to both public and private patients.

Depending on the type, stage and location of the cancer a patient may be asked to participate in one of the clinical trials which are coordinated from the Clinical Trials Unit at Ballarat Oncology & Haematology Services rooms.
Many of the clinical trials undertaken involve Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials conducted by national and international collaborative cancer clinical trial groups and international collaborative groups such as the Australian New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZBCTG), Breast International Group (‘BIG’) and the Australian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group (ALLG).  Other trials are conducted by pharmaceutical companies.
Annual funding grants are received from the Victorian Cancer Council.  The Clinical Trials Unit is also supported by generous donations from the local community.
Clinical Trials currently being conducted from this site involve the following tumour groups:  breast, lung, lymphoma, renal (kidney) and bladder. These clinical trials offer the latest treatments with newer drugs not yet available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).
There are currently 13 clinical trials underway at Ballarat Oncology & Haematology Services.  Patients currently enrolled in these trials are at various stages ranging from active treatment to long-term follow up.
Clinical trials offering treatment options for other cancer streams such as Melanoma, prostate, ovarian, stomach and small bowel will be conducted at the site as they become available.
For the ANZBCTG ‘LATER’ trial Ballarat Oncology & Haematology Clinical Trials unit recruited the second highest number of patients of all the sites across Australia and New Zealand, with 34 patients enrolled by February 2012.
An up-to-date list of the specific trials in progress at Ballarat Oncology & Haematology Services Clinical Trials unit can be viewed at the following Victorian Cancer Trials Link:
If you have been diagnosed with a rare tumour or a rare type of a more common tumour you may want to contact

Professor George Kannourakis, Director & Principal Investigator, Oncology and Haematology Clinical Trials

Professional organisations of which Professor Kannourakis is a member:

  • ALLG
  • VCOG

Achievements and authorship – Professor Kannourakis:

  • Breast Cancer International Research Group (BCIRG) 005 Trial
  • BCRIG 006 Trial
  • Victorian Co-operative Trial of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
  • ATLAS Trial (Breast Cancer)
  • MINT Trial (Lymphoma)
  • ALLG Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group Trials
  • SOFT Trial (Breast cancer)
  • ACCELOX Registry (Bowel Cancer)
  • IMPACT Registry (Breast Cancer)
  • LATER Breast Cancer Trial
  • SOFT Breast Cancer Trial
  • EVERSUN Renal Carcinoma Trial
  • CLL 6 Trial (ALLG)
  • SCOTROC Ovarian Carcinoma Trial
  • SCOT 4 Bowel Cancer Trial
  • IBIS 2 Breast Trial
  • NHL 21 Lymphoma Trial (ALLG)
  • TRIO-012 Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial
  • Pfizer A4061061 Metastatic Renal Trial
  • Merck Serono EMR200066-007 Metastatic Melanoma Trial (Currently open to recruitment)
  • AGITG Integrate Advanced Gastro-Oesophageal Cancer Trial (Currently open to recruitment)
  • Scheduled to open for recruitment in December 2013:  AGITG CO.23 Advanced Colorectal Cancer trial

Patents Held: Professor George Kannourakis in conjunction with AMRAD 1992

Method for the treatment of tumours and sarcomas using leukaemia inhibitory factor.

Current Staff

Professor George Kannourakis (Head of Clinical Research)
Dr Prashanth Prithviraj- Co-investigator
Rosemary Cotton – Clinical Trials Unit Co-ordinator
Anne Morcombe – Clinical Trials Study Co-ordinator
Jenny Young- Clinical Trials Assistant

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